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About the Books

This collection of 10 books, each featuring a unique animal character, was design to stimulate imagination, creative play and encourage self-directed as well as interactive activities for young children. The stories are lite-hearted, as the animals explore the world, occasionally getting into mischief. Each story ends with a playful invitation for the child to help the animal understand their predicament, encouraging problem solving.

The style of illustrations is deliberately adjusted to capture the child’s imagination while creating the capacity to focus and explore nuance that is frequently drown in the “visual noise” of many children’s books on the market. The boldness of shapes and lines is balanced with the disciplined use of colour and detail, supporting the child’s aesthetic development and artistic learning.

The length of the stories and the amount of text on each two-page spread respond to the attention span of babies and toddlers (and their love for flipping the pages!). The rhyme and rhythm of the verses make it easy for the story to be learned by heart and support development of reading skills by associating sounds and the written text. The books are sized just right for the small hands and sturdy enough to last through hours of reading and play.

Grounded in love for Olivia, the books celebrate childhood as a happy time to play, learn and explore and are recommended for children between 6 months and 6 years of age.  i tak dalej 

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